Custom Bow Ties

Knotzland bow ties are handmade for ultimate personality and style. Knotzland offers custom order bow ties for all occasions, including weddings, hospitality, and special events. Customized bow ties offer a unique, memorable touch to restaurant and hotel uniforms, wedding party attire, event staff dress, and more.

Every Knotzland bow tie is exclusively handcrafted. Using materials reclaimed from local businesses including the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, T’s Upholstery, Thread International, and the Pittsburgh Opera, Nisha carefully selects each fabric used to make a Knotzland bow tie. For custom order bow ties, Nisha can also incorporate customer’s fabric.

A self-taught seamstress, Nisha embraces community and workforce development – she provides on-the-job skills training to women who help produce her collection. Knotzland bow ties are sewn and assembled in Knotzland’s studio in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood.

Knotzland’s custom, artisan bow ties range in price. Made with quality and durability in mind, bow ties are made with adjustable neckbands crafted to fit neck sizes 13-18 for fast, stress-free styling.

The bow ties shown here are examples of past styles and editions. See Knotzland’s website for an updated lookbook. For additional inquires, including requests for custom orders, directly contact Knotzland using the buttons below.

Nisha Blackwell for Knotzland

About the Producer


Founded in 2014 by Nisha Blackwell, Knotzland specializes in custom handmade bowties made from repurposed and reclaimed materials. Driven by her passion for the environment and reducing waste, Nisha began Knotzland to create distinctive, fashionable goods that speak to the individuality of her customers. Dedicated to sourcing high-quality, salvaged materials, Knotzland issues limited edition, one-of-a-kind bow ties. As Knotzland’s continues to grow in Pittsburgh, Nisha promotes her limited edition products online, in marketplaces, and in stores.