Custom Glass Installations

Any image can be captured in glass. Broken Plates creates custom blown glass installations featuring hand-drawn imagery. These designs can be personalized to meet design specifications. Plates of glass can be layered and lit to showcase textures, patterns, and images to create stunning customized, artful installations.

Broken Plates custom installations start with hand-blown glass. Gillian’s process begins in the hot shop, where she blows layers of color and molten glass into a flat, plate shape. The plates are often enhanced with drawn imagery, which is etched onto the glass using photo-resist. Gillian hand finishes and installs each piece to create one-of-a-kind installations.

From single plates to assemblages of multiple pieces, Broken Plates glass installations are customizable to a client’s specifications. For more information about ordering custom glass installations, contact this producer using the buttons below.

About the Producer

Broken Plates

Established in 2013, Broken Plates offers a line of modern glass earrings, necklaces, and cuff bracelets.Gillian Preston blends hand-blown artistry, drawn imagery, and precision CNC fabrication. She explores the reflective, colorful, and optical characteristics of glass. Gillian earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in glass and drawing from Cleveland Institute of Art. Today, her distinctive designs combine her hand-drawn illustrations with traditional and contemporary glassmaking techniques.