Iron-on Tangram Puzzle Kit

OTTO FINN recently launched this DIY Tangram Puzzle clothing kit created with DIY enthusiasts, 3 years and older, in mind. Tangram is a puzzle of Chinese origin that is made of seven flat geometric pieces. Provided only an outline or silhouette, the objective of the Tangram puzzle is to use all seven pieces to configure a specific shape. For this kit, the seven pieces are arranged to make a shape that can then ironed on a T-shirt, tote bag or throw pillow.

Embodying a clean, modern, and natural aesthetic, OTTO FINN carefully considers a range of quality and sustainable materials to provide timeless and durable products. OTTO FINN’s cofounders, Rona Chang and Ross Minzenberg, sew and screen print all designs, including home goods and children’s clothing, in their Pittsburgh studio.


Designed to encourage problem solving, geometric thinking, and spatial reasoning, once assembled the pieces of this iron-on kit make a picture. Kits are sold individually for $9.50 and available in a choice of 12 colors. Package measures approximately 6”x9”.

To find the Iron-on Tangram Puzzle Kit for purchase in a variety of colors, please visit OTTO FINN online or inquire more using the contact buttons below.

Rona Chang for OTTO FINN in Pittsburgh, PA

About the Producer


Co-founded in 2015 by partners Rona Chang and Ross Minzenberg, OTTO FINN provides fashionably functional children’s accessories and thoughtfully designed home products. Rooted in designs characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality, OTTO FINN handcrafts pieces with enduring character. Rona and Ross met during an artist residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida. Their shared interests brought them together personally and professionally. OTTO FINN is named for Rona and Ross’ son, Otto. OTTO FINN recently launched a new DIY clothing kit created with museum stores, gift shops, and DIY enthusiasts in mind. This affordable product reinterprets OTTO FINN's playful design aesthetic with a distinctive take on modern, fun, and interactive design.