Remnant Lab Throw Pillows

Remnant Lab Throw Pillows by Kelly Lane are designed as statement pieces to enliven home decor. Currently available in two signature styles, Sewn Pillows with remnant embellishments and Knit Pillows made entirely out of yarn created from cut and hand-knotted Kelly Lane clothing design remnants.

From Kelly Lane, Remnant Lab is a collection of sustainable handmade accessories and home textiles. Kelly Lane offers a vibrant and thoughtful collection of organic clothing handmade-to-order in Pittsburgh, PA. Through Remnant Lab, Kelly Lane offers jewelry, clutches, totes, pillows, and wall hangings that compliment her clothing collections and bring new life to her reserve of salvaged cut materials.

Each Remnant Lab Sewn or Knit Throw Pillow is available in a choice of monochromatic or colorful palettes. Prices range between $78 and $128 per pillow.

The pillows are available for purchase online, by appointment at Kelly Lane’s Lawrenceville studio, or by special commissions. For information about ordering or commissions, please contact this producer using the buttons below.

About the Producer

Kelly Lane

Kelly Lane offers a thoughtful and vibrant collection of organic wares for women, kids and home. Founder and designer Kelly L. Simpson-Scupelli creates custom artwork for her textiles and infuses each collection with unique combinations of color, texture, and custom prints. With over a decade of experience designing and handcrafting her designs, Kelly’s artfully sophisticated clothing is versatile and easy-to-wear. Today, Kelly reflects upon and deepens her commitment to sustainability by creating products from eco-friendly materials exclusively handmade-to-order to minimize waste.