Keith Hershberger Ceramics’ handcrafted, wheel-thrown Vases feature a variety of stenciled design and glazed finishes. He adorns each earthenware vase with images of plant and animal life. The glazes range from grey blues, to mossy greens, to cool whites. These vessels are water-tight and dishwasher safe.

Keith Hershberger handcrafted functional ceramics are often wood-fired and finished with stenciled and screen-printed decoration. In the wood kiln, intense heat and ash react with minerals in the clay, giving each piece of Keith’s pottery distinctive character. With contemporary design and function in mind, Keith contrasts the varied and rugged wood-fired surfaces with smooth glazes.


Each vase is approximately 9”T x 4.5”W. Vases are $72 each. Because each plate is handmade, expect some small variations from piece to piece.

For an assortment of available vases currently for purchase, visit Keith Hershberger Ceramics’ online shop. For more information about custom retail and wholesale orders, contact this producer using the buttons below.

About the Producer

Keith Hershberger Ceramics

Keith Hershberger offers a collection of wheel-thrown, wood-fired pottery designed for everyday use. Juxtaposing earthen and refined surfaces, Keith’s mugs, vases, plates, and bowls feature rich layers of texture and imagery. He is a graduate of Goshen College where he studied fine art with a focus on ceramics. In 2016, Keith established his full-time studio practice and introduced his collection of ceramic goods.