Wearable Imagery Jewelry

Broken Plates offers a collection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings featuring hand-drawn artwork on blown glass. Embracing beauty and imperfection, designer Gillian Preston’s images capture nature’s splendor as much as its deviations and asymmetries. This jewelry collection marries Gillian’s soft, organic sketch work with the crisp modern her distinctive glass jewelry designs.

Broken Plates jewelry is cut from the hand-blown glass. Gillian’s process begins in the hot shop, where she blows layers of bold color and molten glass into a flat, plate shape. The plates are often enhanced with drawn imagery, which is etched onto the glass using photo-resist. Each plate is then cut by hand or using CNC waterjet – these processes create intricate cuts and versatile sculptural pieces. Finally, Gillian hand finishes and fashions these pieces into their final, wearable forms.

From bold chrysanthemums cuffs to colorful succulent necklaces, Broken Plates jewelry features hand-drawn imagery etched on blown glass wearables. Prices and sizes vary from piece to piece. For a current collection of available products, visit Broken Plates online.

The pieces shown here feature Broken Plates signature hand-drawn imagery. For more information about the designs seen here, as well as options for customization or for wholesale, please contact Gillian using the buttons below.

About the Producer

Broken Plates

Established in 2013, Broken Plates offers a line of modern glass earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Artist Gillian Preston blends traditional glassmaking techniques, hand-drawn imagery, and precision CNC fabrication to create her distinctive jewelry line. Through a process of intricate cuts and finishes, she explores the reflective, colorful, and optical characteristics of glass. The result are versatile, sculptural wearables that transcend trends and showcase innovation with design.