Block Island Summer Home

From start to finish, EngineHouse engineered this island summer home on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The home is a spare reinterpretation of vernacular, coastal New England architecture and materials. As designer and builder, EngineHouse strove for honesty in the structure and craftsmanship. Each material and detail was chosen with an eye toward longevity and the ability to stand up to the punishing, corrosive island weather.

For two years, EngineHouse relocated business to Block Island, Rhode Island, to realize this project. Built by a core team with help from a rotating group of colleagues, EngineHouse served as architect, interior designer, builder and fabricator. Almost every piece of this house was designed and purpose built on-site, in many cases using the bones of the previous house on the property as raw material for cabinetry, furniture and lighting.

Apart from a handful of new, off the shelf plumbing and lighting products, EngineHouse designed the components of this home on-site. Unique building systems were developed for this project: stainless steel wire railing system with no visible fasteners; oversize, lightweight corten rain screen with no visible fasteners; hand-riveted steel beam to wood joist connections.

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All members of EngineHouse are skilled craftsmen, providing a diverse set of skills and experience in the building trades and design community. A collective educational background from Carnegie Mellon’s architecture program refined their design and conceptual theory, and informs their use of computer aided drafted and modeling skills, adding precision to their detail oriented projects and products.

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In a decommissioned Wilkinsburg firehouse, EngineHouse was founded in 2011 by Carnegie Mellon University graduates Adam Lackett, Kellen Fenaughty, and Ian English. From a workshop located in a former school building, EngineHouse appreciates the enduring quality and character of Pittsburgh’s distinct neighborhoods. With the return of urbanism, this full-service design-build firm takes pride in building stock and furnishing old and new spaces with timeless furniture and lighting. Inspired by MONMADE’s commitment to fostering craft manufacturing, EngineHouse is now developing a line of commercially available products including lighting and furniture. Through thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship, EngineHouse works to create “future antiques,” objects and spaces intended to be enjoyed for generations to come.