Concrete Planters & Fire Pits

Concrete 25 offers modern and artful concrete planters and fire pits. Affordable and durable, concrete surfaces can be customized with pigment, finish, and edge treatments to work with a variety of styles. Concrete 25 works with homeowners and design professionals to create durable and functional concrete planters and fire pits. From tables to planters, Concrete 25 products begin with tailored forms and molds. Using modern tools and finishing techniques, Concrete 25 develops products with lasting appeal.

Concrete can be cast in a variety of forms, textures, and colors. Concrete 25 carefully designs, forms, mixes, pours, and finishes each concrete product to suit customer specifications. Concrete 25 custom planters and fire pits are typically available by special order. For more information about concrete design solutions, including a list of currently available products, contact this producer using the buttons below.

About the Producer

Concrete 25

Concrete 25 produces custom concrete designs including countertops, sinks, vanities, furniture, planters, and fire pits. Doug and Deanna Seruga bring over 25 years in the concrete industry to Concrete 25, and more than 10 years developing interior and exterior design products. Concrete 25 works with homeowners and design professionals to create modern and artful finishes, d├ęcor, and showpieces.