Natural Spalted Maple Modular Cube

Deep Greene Woodworks Natural Spalted Maple Modular Cube is designed to showcase the characteristics of its specialized ¼” wood veneer. For each of Deep Greene Woodworks products, founder Jeff Greene cultivates the spalted patterning, which is the coloration and dark lines caused by fungi. The Modular Cube is designed for flexible use, from seating to end tables. The cube features a Weyerhaeuser Super-Refined MDF2® box wrapped on exposed sides in the Natural Spalted Maple Veneer, a Declare Label product. The bottom side is elevated by padded feet.



Standard Dimensions: 17.75″H x 17.75″W x 17.75″D

Finish Options: Custom cube sizing available. Because the spalting (patterning) is the result of a natural process, expect variation in the veneer pattern and appearance from cube to cube.