Stackable Bowls

These clean and simple SPACAPAN glass vessels are designed to make a statement in the kitchen. The larger version can hold a bag of limes or lemons, while the small dish is the perfect size for serving olives, nuts and dips. Celebrating form and function, SPACAPAN home accessories are designed to make a statement.

Each piece in the SPACAPAN collection is hand blown by Margaret Spacapan, then cut, ground, and polished to create the finished surface. While manipulating the hot glass, Margaret stays honest to the sphere as a pure and beautiful form. Once a form has cooled, she cold works the glass, first carefully dividing the globe into two pieces – from there, she finishes each piece of glass to a smooth finish.

SPACAPAN glass bowls are food safe, but not microwave, oven, or stovetop safe. Hand wash glass for the longest ware. Each piece is handmade – no two bowls are exactly the same. The larger bowls measures approximately 5”Hx10”Diameter and 7″Hx14″Diameter. The smaller bowl measures approximately 2.5”Hx5”Diameter. Sold individually and available in a choice of Transparent Clear, Transparent Grey, Opaque White, or Opaque Light Grey glass.

For more information about SPACAPAN products, including ordering and options for customization, please contact Margaret using the button below.

Margaret Spacapan in Studio

About the Producer


Margaret Spacapan has taken expertise as a fine artist and glassmaker to launch a new collection of modern lighting and tableware called SPACAPAN. Influenced by repetition of form and industrial design, Margaret’s assortment of sleek bowls and pendant fixtures reflect the minimal aesthetic of her sculptures. Celebrating form and function, SPACAPAN lighting and home accessories are designed to make a subtle statement. Margaret is driven by the launch of her new collection. With the expansion of her artistic practice toward the creation of lighting and home accessories, she looks forward to increasing production to meet demand from the design community.