Jowdy Studio collection of tumblers and cups enliven any table setting or bar. These elegant yet functional pieces are handmade of white or stained porcelain, featuring bands and blocks of stark color. The forms are surprisingly light and sturdy, with a china texture that rewards handling. Jowdy’s vessels fit seamlessly in both modern and traditional homes.

All of Jowdy Studio’s pieces are handcrafted by AJ Collins. He devotes painterly attention to creating his tabletop designs and decor. AJ meticulously works clay toward its final form, manipulating and refining the surface with precision and care. The result is a collection of artful pieces, each visually and tactilely engaging.

Sold as sets or individually, Jowdy Studio’s cups and tumblers range from 4″T rocks cups to 16-ounce pints. They are available in a range of colors and styles on Etsy.

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AJ Collins, Magnet Ceramics

About the Producer

Jowdy Studio

Jowdy Studio produces contemporary tableware and home decor. Driven by the creative process, studio founder Andrew Jowdy “AJ” Collins continues to explore his sculptural interests while developing functional and decorative pieces. Influenced by everyday items and the natural environment, AJ’s designs are familiar yet imaginative. He carves, inlays, and glazes many of his pieces with crisp textures and stark colors. The result emerges as a collection of subtlety elegant pieces, each visually engaging and a pleasure to use every day.