Green Leap is Monmade’s product development program fostering sustainable products for the built environment. Throughout our year-long curriculum, participants of all experience levels explored the research, design, and launch stages of developing market-driven, sustainable products that are ready to be specified in design and development projects.

Debuting New Products

Available now by order, Green Leap products include creatively diverse lighting, furniture, and wall systems. Our latest collection showcases stunning and functional designs with inspiring narratives, raising the bar for sustainable product development and procurement for the built environment.

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About the Program

Throughout 2022, our Green Leap cohort attended sessions where they connected with sustainability, product design, marketing, and industry experts. They learned how their products can add value to design and development projects, fill market needs, be holistically sustainable, and leverage this information as a foundation for their business growth.

Using our sustainablyMonmade assessment to understand their business operations, processes, and product development, each producer made declarations toward increasing their positive environmental and social impacts.

Green Leap 2022 Cohort

After an open call for applications in 2022, ten producers were selected for Green Leap. Each producer created a product or suite of products ready for specification by the A&D Community. Our product collection offers tear sheets for quick reference. Below we detail each producer’s product development journey, for deeper insight into what it takes to create a market-driven, sustainable product available now for order.

Camp Copeland Studio

Alyssa and Drew Kail founded Camp Copeland Studio in 2015 to improve everyday lives through considered design and intentional living. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, Scandinavian design, and the Swedish concept of “lagom” (meaning “just enough”), Camp Copeland handcrafts mindful home goods and decor in kiln-formed glass and wool. Through Green Leap, they incorporated reclaimed felt for a system of sound-dampening decorative wall art panels for home and office.

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Emmanuelle Ceramics

Since 2020, Monmade has featured Emmanuelle Wambach’s everyday collection of ceramic tableware featuring lace motifs. Inspired by her mother’s love of flowers and gardening, Emmanuelle combines different texturing, carving, glazing, and under-glazing techniques to create slab-built pieces. With Green Leap, Monmade launched Emmanuelle’s first lighting products that embrace biophilic design principles—that is, our inherent need to embrace nature in the modern built environment—featuring natural textures and shapes.

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Jessica Alpern Brown

Jessica Alpern Brown’s primary work as a paper cutter now informs her multidisciplinary art and design practice and exploration of interior design products. Her current work features a variety of materials from found objects and organic matter to resin and acrylic, including her Contour Discs which premiered with our Monmade x CDCP Collection in 2021. Jessica’s inherently sustainable mindset informs her newest Light Lines pendants developed through Green Leap. The colorful creations maximize material use and minimize waste by using cut-offs from her Contour Discs.

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Reimagined Recycling

Reimagined Recycling is a Pittsburgh-based program and creative studio that collects #4 and #5 plastics for shredding and repurposing into new plastic products including home and design goods. Established and operated by Ashley McFarland, this non-profit organization processes and reuses materials that would otherwise be excluded from mainstream recycling programs and destined for the landfill. With Green Leap, Ashley experimented with larger products suited for the built environment, like floating shelving, while also working with Brian Ferrell Designs to develop Bloom Pendants.

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Brian Ferrell Designs

Artist Brian Ferrell channels his deep experience in multiple craft forms for his studio practice, typically making sculptural furniture and vessels. An experimenter at heart, he draws inspiration from architecture and nature, working skillfully with mixed materials, including wood, metal, and clay. Green Leap connected Brian to Reimagined Recycling to explore new uses for the pressed plastic sheets. Brian combined traditional and modern processes to create Bloom Pendants, which utilize materials that reflect the natural world and also human impact on it.

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Safran Everyday

Safran Everyday was created out of artist Maia Leppo’s desire to provide provide simple, beautiful, functional goods. Inspired by botanicals and architecture, Maia brings her fresh sense of design to expand into homeware like plant holders, towel holders, and hooks. Through Green Leap, she expanded Safran Everyday’s collection with Color Pops Wall Planters featuring whimsical, modern shapes, and colors. Adding the ready-to-hang, lightweight planters transform greenery into works of art while also helping to improve air quality and environmental comfort for interior spaces.

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SPACAPAN is a woman-owned and operated artisanal glass company. With repeating forms designed to make a subtle statement, SPACAPAN lighting reflects the minimalism of artist Margaret Spacapan’s fine art sculpture. SPACAPAN’s assortment of glass pendants and custom chandeliers are hand-blown, cut, ground, and polished for long-lasting beauty and durability. With Monmade, Margaret launched the Wallace Pendants, and with Green Leap she introduced Reilluminate, a collection of minimalist pendants made from reimagined recycled glass bottles.

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OtherWondersMFG is a design and fabrication studio with a focus on sustainability. Owner Carl Bajandas works with wood, metal, and other materials to create custom railings, panels, and much more. Using digital design and fabrication techniques, Carl now expands his practice and is focused on the production of his line of studio furniture. The collection explores intentional design and simplicity through functional, durable pieces, including seating and tables.

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Temper and Grit

Temper and Grit is a multimodal design and fabrication studio specializing in creating custom solutions for the built environment. Established by Nicholas Volpe, Temper and Grit’s talent for designing, prototyping, and finishing has led to a diversified portfolio with work in the graphic, architectural, industrial, and artistic fields. Nick offers a unique blend of standard product lines, design solutions, consultations, and custom-fabricated installations. With Green Leap, Nick introduced a standardized contemporary wall cabinet sustainably made from Bamboo plywood and manufactured by regional partner Eisenwood.

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Pati Beachley is a Pittsburgh-based, non-binary sculptor. Her work mixes masculine and feminine attributes forcing a dialogue into gendered text and imagery—she adds a queer narrative by casting carpet and fibrous materials. As owner and designer of Tenderwerks, her Pittsburgh-based studio and foundry, Pati creates pieces celebrating the pleasure of everyday, useful objects that transcend the ordinary. With Green Leap, Pati applies her aesthetic using reclaimed materials to knobs and handles for cabinetry and pulls for entry doors. Tenderwerks Fabware: Door & Cabinet Hardware Collection features repurposed carpet textures cast from recycled aluminum components.

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