At the intersection of three Pittsburgh neighborhoods, Brewers Block reimagined an area steeped in manufacturing history. To reflect the current spirit of creativity and making in our city today, Monmade curated unique art features and furniture for several common areas of this residential development by RDC Inc.

Featured Producers

Curtis Reaves Design Studio · Deanna Mance Studios · Dogwood Metalworks · Ignacio Lopez · Janet Watkins Ceramics · Jessica Alpern Brown · Rell Rushin · Stak Ceramics

Two large murals were commissioned to bring bold design, color, and whimsy to vast wall spans. A large wood and metal branded communal table offers an inviting space for residents to gather. Selections from Monmade’s catalog of standard products, including framed art prints and dimension ceramics like discs and planters, add moments of color and texture through the building.

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Featured Catalog Products

Monmade offers a range of standard products ready to be integrated into projects alongside our custom solutions.  Wall art products at Brewers Block included works by women and black-owned studios. Discover unique wall art solutions, including scalable designs in a variety of media by following the links below or contacting our design team for more information.

Calm by Rell Rushin is available in three standard dimensions print with archival inks on either gallery wrapped canvas or archival paper.

Rell Rushin, Calm Art Print

Painterly Wall Discs by Stak Ceramics, available in four sizes with semi-customizable surface treatments, cover long wall spans.

Stak Ceramics, Painterly Wall Discs

Curtis Reaves Design Studio offers sustainable fine art photographic prints for the built environment. Each print in this collection features imagery made using 100% reclaimed materials.

Curtis Reaves Design Studio, Cosmic Infinity Art Print

Ignacio Lopez’s print collection includes six distinct works, like Abstract each available in multiple colorways. Each print can be oriented either horizontally or vertically.

Lopez and Son PGH, Abstract Art Print

Customizable in infinite combinations of sizes and colors, Contour Discs by Jessica Alpern Brown are designed to play with light to create a sense of movement and depth.

Jessica Alpern Brown, Contour Disc Trio

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