Continuing in the spirit of the first phase of Community Land Trust homes, City of Bridges together with Lawrenceville Corporation worked with Monmade to source cost-effective artisan finishes and fixtures the second phase of this affordable, community-focused development. Specialty products including mailboxes, tile, and lighting provided a sense of warmth and texture to these modernized early twentieth-century homes. 

Bones and All wood-clad mailboxes and Modesto Studios house numbers bring character to the homes’ exteriors. Inside, Modesto Studio applied distinctive screen-printed patterns to the conventional kitchen backsplash tile. Temper and Grit wood and steel floating shelves add eye-catching storage above the backsplash. The dining rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms featured a combination of Vessel Studio Boro Pendant lights and fused glass ceiling light shades from Studio Glass Co.

Monmade artisan producers featured in this project included:

Bones and All  ·  Modesto Studios  ·  Studio Glass Co.  ·  Temper and Grit  ·   Vessel Studio

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Modesto Studios, House Numbers
Vessel Studio, Boro Pendant Lights
Bones and All, Wood-Clad Mailboxes
Temper and Grit, Wood & Steel Wall Shelf
Modesto Studios, Screen-Printed Wall Tile
Studio Glass Co., Fused Glass Ceiling Light Shades
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