Partnering with interior designer Sharon Ginocchi alongside TREK Development and Q Development, Monmade identified regional producers for custom furnishings and decor that reflected the history of the buildings that formed the Eighth & Penn apartment development.

Featured Producers

Brian Ferrell Designs  ·  Building Bytes ·  Pittsburgh Glass Center ·  Transit Forge

Echoing existing architectural elements, Building Bytes crafted an intricate 3D-printed ceramic wall for the building lobby. The 136-block screen backed by colorful acrylic provides an inviting backdrop to a custom table created by Brian Ferrell Designs, who also made the striking entryway sign. The sign along with an oversized sculptural metal clock hand by Transit Forge pays homage to the watch factory that once occupied part of the building site. Together these creative elements combined with hand-blown pendant lighting by the Pittsburgh Glass Center for each apartment unit were carefully planned to honor Eighth & Penn’s location history and modern sensibility.

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