For Light of Life Rescue Mission’s homeless shelter on Pittsburgh’s North Side, Monmade created integral architectural and design features. Monmade worked closely with the design and development teams to ensure that the shelter felt modern and hopeful. With this central goal in mind, Monmade identified and managed collaborative artisan product opportunities throughout the project, including the custom exterior lighted cross and screen façade, as well as interior wayfinding and wallcoverings.

Featured Producers

Modesto Studios  ·  Technique Architectural Products  ·  Urban Tree

Modesto Studios designed the wayfinding signage that was not only functional but safe for the overall environment of the shelter. Modesto also collaborated with the interior design team, Design Group USA to create colorful and inviting wallcoverings for the children’s room.

For the exterior, Urban Tree designed and fabricated the lighted cross for the front of the building, which symbolized the Light of Life Rescue Mission’s values and purpose. Technique Architectural Products designed, fabricated, and installed the screen façade incorporating Light of Life’s logo. Both design features were produced to withstand the natural elements and serve as welcoming symbols to the shelter.

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