In Fall 2020, Monmade introduced a collection of furniture, lighting, and décor from our catalog to complement Module’s adaptable, eco-friendly homes at its Black Street Development. Debuting three city-dwellings, Black Street features Module’s model for residential design. Experience Monmade’s collection of responsible, locally-made products while exploring this innovative development in Pittsburgh.

Located at 5352 Black Street in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood, Module’s model unit currently features this collection of Monmade’s products including Bones and All’s Modular Bench and Jowdy Studio’s Flare Pendants on display for homeowners and design professionals to experience and inquire about purchasing.

Visiting Our Showroom

Products featured at Module are designed and fabricated by:

Bones and All  ·  Deep Greene Woodworks  ·  Emmanuelle Ceramics  ·  FD Pottery  ·  Jowdy Studio  ·  KMJ Metalworks  ·  Penn + Fairmount  ·  Salvador Alane

Reach out to our team to set up an appointment to visit the space or to inquire about integrating locally produced design into commercial and residential projects.

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