In Fall 2020, Monmade introduced a collection of furniture, lighting, and décor from our catalog to complement Module’s adaptable, eco-friendly homes at its Black Street Development. Debuting three city-dwellings, Black Street features Module’s model for residential design. The temporary showroom allowed visitors to experience Monmade’s collection of responsible, locally-made products while exploring this innovative development in Pittsburgh.

Located in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood, Module’s model unit featured a collection of Monmade products including Bones and All’s Modular Bench and Jowdy Studio’s Flare Pendants.

Products featured at our Module showroom were designed and fabricated by:

Bones and All  ·  Deep Greene Woodworks  ·  Emmanuelle Ceramics  ·  FD Pottery  ·  Jowdy Studio  ·  KMJ Metalworks  ·  Penn + Fairmount  ·  Salvador Alane

Inquire about integrating Monmade’s regionally produced design products for commercial and residential projects.

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