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Safran Everyday was created out of artist Maia Leppo’s desire to provide simple, beautiful, functional objects, including jewelry and homewares. Inspired by botanicals and architecture, Maia brings her fresh sense of design to expand into homeware like planters, towel holders, and hooks. With Green Leap, she expands Safran Everyday’s product offering with a modular green wall system.

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Debuting with Monmade — April 2023

Safran Everyday’s Green Leap planter system boasts bold shapes made from powder-coated steel—the same inherently sustainable materials used throughout her existing collection. Maia hopes her products will not only offer an aesthetic value to design projects but a connection to nature and a sense of calm in interior spaces. Because plants help to clean the air naturally by taking in C02 and releasing added oxygen to an area, introducing them to indoor environments can help improve indoor air quality and environmental comfort.

“With Green Leap, I am exploring types of product interior designers and architects are looking for. I am also building my knowledge of the on what to look for when working with manufacturers and how to find companies that work with sustainability in mind.”

Maia Leppo

Alongside the demand for new products, Maia is researching her supply chain and production partners to help increase her business’ overall sustainability. Following a review of her initial planter prototypes (shown above) with Monmade, Maia is updating her designs to create manufacturing and material efficiencies.

Her next iteration “fold-up” design minimizes material waste and eliminates welding during production. By using cold processes (bolts, rivets, or fasteners) instead, she helps reduce materials or other manufacturing processes harmful to human health and the environment. Safran Everyday’s finalized products will debut in April at our premiere Green Leap design industry event.

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sustainablyMonmade Insights 

Through our assessment her studio and production manufacturing practices, Safran Everyday achieves four of Monmade’s six dimensions of sustainability: environment, climate, human health, and social equity.

  • Woman-owned creative business with a studio at the Brew House, a non-profit art center on Pittsburgh’s South Side. The Brew House was once a former brewery and was renovated within the last five years, offering artist studios, lofts, and a gallery
  • Producer lives within a 10-mile radius of her studio and rides her bike to work
  • Producer’s primary production partners are within 300 miles of her studio and include a steel producer in Honeybrook, PA (268 miles) and a powder coater in Freedom, PA (50 miles)
  • For her limited work in ceramics, producer’s supplies are from Standard Ceramics in Carnegie, PA (10 miles)
  • Producer’s newest green wall (planter) products encourage incorporating nature into interior spaces. Introducing plants can help improve indoor air quality and environmental comfort for commercial design projects that seek to promote human health. Plants help to clean the air naturally by taking in C02 and releasing added oxygen to a space. Aesthetically, plants provide a calming effect on occupants and visitors by offering a connection to nature
  • Producer recycles some waste materials from processes by reusing them in other products but otherwise uses the waste stream collection at her studio facility. She is re-using packaging materials
  • Producer takes appropriate safety precautions using protective eye, hand, body, and respiratory equipment. When producing in-studio (primarily jewelry products), producer uses an air filtration system
  • Metal jewelry-making process uses soldering, which is quite toxic—as an alternative and to ensure safe disposal, producer is using a natural pickling product to neutralize chemical outputs
  • Recommends light soap and water for product cleaning

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