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Monmade supports positive economic development within communities by fostering a sustainable network of artisan products and contracting services for the built environment. Our network comprises regional artisans, designers, manufacturers, craftspeople, and BIPOC contractors (producers), ready to help developers and architects create beautiful, diversified spaces that add to the community’s overall well-being.

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Monmade offers planning, procurement, and integration services to help architects and developers maximize impact and minimize the challenges of working with a variety of specialized small businesses.

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Planning — We work with clients to understand the vision and needs of a project, helping balance the budget and timelines with producer capabilities and schedules. The output of this process is a unique-to-your-project vision that creates a targeted approach that authentically crafts a narrative of regional impact.

Procurement — Once the planning stage is complete, we execute the vision by engaging with our producer network to provide the desired contracting services and products while staying in close communication with your team.

For clients looking to skip the planning stage and custom-made products, Monmade offers a catalog of sustainable, market-ready products ready to be specified for your next project.

Integration Management — Once products and services are contracted, Monmade provides project management and product management oversight to ensure work is delivered on time and within budget while achieving all specifications.

Create Beautiful, Diversified Spaces with Monmade —

“When we engage with Monmade, we get creativity — they amplify our ideas and take them to a whole other level. We get an insane level of quality and craftsmanship and detail.”

Amanda Tharp, GBBN

Let’s explore working together. Your next project can have a positive and enduring impact on regional communities.

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