Monmade’s community of producers is celebrated in downtown Pittsburgh’s newest concept store, PG&H. Located at 536 Smithfield Street, PG&H offers a collection of handmade and small-batch manufactured home goods from our region’s finest craftspeople and designers, all under one roof.
PG&H offers a collection of products from Monmade producers including:
Ashley Cecil     BLAK RUST    Bones and All    Brian Ferrell Designs    Burghwood    Camp Copeland Studio    Coded Clay    Emmanuelle Wambach    FMS & Sons    Jowdy Studio    KERFCASE    KLoRebel     LaVerne Kemp     Naked Geometry     Otto Finn    Riverside Design Group     Salvador Alane     Sonenblum Woodworks     SPACAPAN    Stak Ceramics    Temper and Grit

For more information about PG&H including shop hours visit