SPACAPAN is a woman-owned and operated artisanal glass company. With repeating forms designed to make a subtle statement, SPACAPAN lighting reflects the minimalism of artist Margaret Spacapan’s fine art sculpture. With Monmade, Margaret launched Wallace Pendants, and now with Green Leap, she introduces Reilluminate, a collection of minimalist pendants made from reimagined recycled glass bottles.

Green Leap Participant

New Products Developed with Monmade

During Green Leap, Margaret sought to deepen SPACAPAN’s sustainability by pursuing a lighting product rooted in regional sustainability. While she is conscious of the environmental and health impacts of her blown-glass processes, Margaret enhanced the sustainability of her products by using 100% upcycled glass components with Reilluminate. Glass bottles are cut, ground, and then polished to create each pendant shade. Integrating glass that does not need to be reshaped with heat further reduces SPACAPAN’s energy consumption. The shade glass component (only) is now offers a Declare label.

“I want to make sure I am approaching sustainability holistically. In addition to developing a product that meets a handful of sustainable criteria, I would like to make sure the rest of my business is well-informed and is pointed in the right direction to do the same. I want to think about sourcing, shipping, labor, manufacturing, local impacts, and scalability.”

Margaret Spacapan

Featured Product Specifications

Starting with glass olive oil and water bottles—often hard-to-recycle items within regional waste streams—Margaret has transformed mundane items into elegant designs. Reilluminate Pendants are available in single and three-pendant canopies. The brass-toned slipcover is available in the 3 ¼”H double-stack option shown in the gallery and single ¾”H and 2 ½”H cap styles.

Layers of Light

Timeless and minimal, SPACAPAN Wallace Pendants feature cascading glass shades with varying densities of mauve pigment for an ombre effect. The Single, Double, and Triple shade options can be arranged either individually or in clusters to create dynamic chandelier-like installations.


sustainablyMonmade Insights 

Through our assessment of her studio and processes, SPACAPAN achieves five of Monmade’s six dimensions of sustainability: environment, climate, human health, social equity, and eco-labeling.

  • Woman-owned creative business.
  • Utilizing the Pittsburgh Glass Center, a LEED Gold-certified production facility for hot and cold production processes.
  • Producer has updated production processes from using running water (for the cleaning process) to staged buckets of water to reduce water consumption.
  • Lighting product hardware components feature a low-VOC powder-coated finish, and no adhesives are used for connections and/or during assembly.
  • Reilluminate Pendants utilize 100% recycled glass components, including olive oil bottles diverted from the local waste stream. The bottles are cut, ground, and polished to create the shade component. Integrating glass that does not need to be remelted further reduces SPACAPAN’s energy consumption.
  • Pendants are made in collaboration with a supporting lighting manufacturer located within a 35-mile radius of SPACAPAN’s primary facilities; this EPA-compliant manufacturer provides hardware assembly and provides UL Listed Components.
  • Reilluminate’s glass shade component (only) is Declare labeled.

Learn more about Monmade’s holistic approach to sustainability.