Green Leap Temper and Grit

Temper and Grit

Temper and Grit is a multimodal design and fabrication studio creating custom solutions for the built environment. Established by Nicholas “Nick” Volpe, Temper and Grit’s talent for designing, prototyping, and finishing has led to a diversified portfolio with work in the graphic, architectural, industrial, and artistic fields. Nick offers a unique blend of standard product lines, design solutions, consultations, and custom-fabricated installations.

Green Leap Participant

New Products Developed with Monmade

Through Green Leap, Temper and Grit introduces a standardized contemporary series of wall cabinets, Woven, sustainably made from bamboo plywood and manufactured by regional partner Eisenwood. The pattern is inspired by the effect of traditional caning processes, abstracted, and CNC cut from the board using an algorithm for efficiency.

Woven is scalable between 3 widths, offering storage and display solutions for a variety of spaces, like kitchens and offices. Maximizing material yield from a 4’x8’ bamboo plywood sheet, the cabinet may be scaled smaller and in different dimensions to fit a variety of spaces while still responsibly utilizing a single sheet of sustainable material.

“Sustainability is integral to my business practice. To decrease material waste, I designed the product considering the maximum output for the board size. The product is also modular and can be adapted to various spaces. And now I’m engaging with regional manufacturing partners to help keep dollars in the local economy and Temper and Grit’s environmental footprint small.”

Nick Volpe

Featured Product Specifications

To ensure the product’s sustainability, the cabinet is made from Plyboo—an architectural-grade bamboo plywood with FSC certification and LEED credits available; bamboo is a rapidly renewable material. Alternative plywood types are available upon request. Additionally, the cabinet is finished with Rubio Monocoat, a plant-based, environmentally friendly, nonpolluting, single-coat, durable finish; Rubio Monocoat contains 0% VOC.

Enduring Design

We’re excited to continue Temper and Grit’s influence on our region’s design through the local production of standard furniture. Monmade’s project portfolio showcases Nick’s longstanding commitment to sustainable and enduring design.

sustainablyMonmade Insights 

Through our assessment of his studio and production manufacturing practices, Temper and Grit achieves three of Monmade’s six dimensions of sustainability: environment, climate, and human health.

  • Temper and Grit is owned and operated by Nicholas “Nick” Volpe
  • Producer designs for modularity, flexibility, and efficiency for every product; he considers the yields of the materials and the efficiencies of design and fabrication
  • Producer is conscious of his supply chain. For new products, he sources sustainable materials whenever possible. Frequently uses Columbia Forest Products, which are formaldehyde- and borax-free
  • For his Green Leap product, Nick uses Plyboo—an architectural-grade bamboo plywood with FSC certification and LEED credits available; bamboo is a rapidly renewable material
  • Products are finished water-based paints, sealants, and varnishes. He often utilizes Rubio Monocoat wood finishes, which are plant-based, environmentally friendly, sustainable, nonpolluting, single-coat, and durable; Rubio Monocoat contains 0% VOC
  • Temper and Grit’s Green Leap product supports the local economy by keeping the costs spent on materials, labor, hardware, manufacturing, studio time, and delivery all within 100 miles of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Producer is partnering with Eisenwood, a Penn Hills (within 13 miles of Downtown Pittsburgh) production shop, to manufacture his Green Leap product

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